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Shake the Baby to be Added

This friends only gif features girl!phillip and Shoutarou from Kamen Rider W/Double. >..>

additional friends only gif features...phillip running into a door. :D

Friends only banner(s) created by xkimchi_ninja

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On the whitewashing of Kpop Idols

I know its a prevalent thing, I'm not saying it isn't. But I wanted to add my 2 cents in a comment on omonatheydidnt, but membership is closed so I can't. (yes, I am the dumbass who hit "join" before reading the userinfo that told me they were closed. hah)

anyway, I just wanted to point out that some of the photos that are "whitewashing" seem to actually be some photoshop happy fan/photographer going a little crazy with the bloom and filters, as photographers here in the wester world of entertainment seem to do as well.

Its pretty easy to tell which ones are doing that as well. I'll post an example

Source Recoloring EXO Tumblr

the man is literally glowing...and so is his shirt. STOP IT WITH THE OVERUSE OF BLOOM and other "make your idols glow like the freakign sun" filters guys! It's painful!

Westerners suffer from this, too:

source: fanpop

then there are cases where the actor is already freaking pale, and you add a filter...then he looks dead.

source: fanpop

a reference to how he actually looks:

source: fanpop

so yeah, its not just kpop. KPOP fans/photographers just use it waaaay more. (I'm specifically talking about the ones that like the whole freaking picture to be washed out, overbloomed, super bright overlayed. as opposed to the ones that keep everything the same and only change the skintones. they have NO excuses).

Just saying that maybe, just maybe, some (a great few) of the fans and photogs doing the editing that are being blanketly hated on along with everyone else for this whitewashing thing might not have meant it that way, and instead are just way too addicted to a particular set of photoshop edits that make everyone in their photos look like the return of casper the flower boy ghost.

/end 2cents

side note: I personally love all my biases, no matter the skin tones that present in their pictures (natural or otherwise), as even the washed out ones can be artistically pretty if done well. though some of them could do to dial back the brightness a bit. If I gotta use sunglasses to see my bias, you're doing it wrong.

That said, are there any other photo-editing tricks that you see in photos that you think make your bias look beatiful...if used in moderation? I personally love it when they use light/dark and contrast to make a photo really pop out at you.  or when you're looking at a photo and the editor took the saturation and dialed it up to 11, just before eye-bleeding and right at comfortable level of "ooh, shiny" without the pain.

as a reward for putting up with the fact that I forgot to how to LJ cut and have now spammed your FList...a not whitewashed picture of TVXQ! from their mirotic days. mmmm.....-stares at Yunho's chest like .....drools off into the sunset-

source: | found on

Wings of Stone and Hearts of Glass

Broken crystals in the light of day
as wings crack and break and turn to stone
my feathers are becoming useless
with every negative emotion
the silence creeping over my skin and my heart
until all that remains is a shell where my soul used to be

I'm trying to learn
how to let go
but its hard when the pain of this world
insists on drowning my happiness
in endless rounds of dramatic shenanigans

Talking is never a thing that happens here
when trying to resolve the emotions, distress
the only response from the noisy mass
is a litany of 'be quiet' and 'stop talking to me'
as if my voice has no meaning,

soon enough I fall silent,
and retreat to deal with my thoughts and my pain
as I crystallize from the inside out
and I think
that maybe becoming a statue...
isn't something to be feared
and instead I should welcome it.

because statues do not feel pain
or fear
or love
statues do not feel
they do not overthink
or drive others away.

they are statues,
and once this cold overtakes me
I will become one too.